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Dräger X-pid 9000/9500

The selective PID gas measurement device is ideal for users who frequently test for hazardous toxic substances. Benzene, butadiene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carcinogenic even in the smallest concentrations. Selective measurement is necessary because other gases and vapours are often also present. The gas measurement device allows for short test times and laboratory-quality results.


Multi-gas detector
  • ​- Selective VOC gas detection
  • – For frequent testing of toxic & carcinogenic substances
  • – Laboratory quality results in very low concentrations
  • – Benzene measurement starting from 50 ppb
  • – No consumables per measurement
Two modes for an efficient measurement strategy

“Seeker” mode is a broadband measurement for pre-testing and localising measurement points. It allows continuous, direct-reading measurement of the total concentration of all VOCs present. “Seeker” mode is similar to using a single-PID gas measurement device.

“Analysis” mode allows selective measurement for monitoring specific toxic compounds. Pre-defined target compounds can be precisely measured in seconds. “Analysis” mode is similar to gas chromatography analyses conducted in the laboratory.

Low detection limits

Concentrations of toxic compounds in the air at work sites must not exceed threshold limit values. Mandatory time-weighted averages in the low ppb to ppm range need to be performed for carcinogenic vapours like benzene. The Dräger X-pid 9000/9500 is optimised for measuring in this concentration range and detects benzene starting at 50 ppb.