Q :What is the shelf life of the Draeger detector tubes?
A: 2 years is the shelf life. The expiration dates are stamped on the outside of the tube boxes upon shipping, The only exception is the Natural Gas Test which is part number CH20001. It has a one year shelf life.

Q: Can Draeger tubes and pumps be interchanged with tubes and pumps from other manufacturers?
A: No, they cannot be interchanged. Every manufacturer calibrates their pumps and tubes to work together, so interchanging them may produce erroneous results.

Q: What is the volume of air that the Accuro takes into the tubes?
A: The Accuro pump takes in 100ml of air per stroke.

Q: How many tubes come in a box?
A: Generally, 99.9% of the time it will be ten tubes per box.
A: No. With only a few exceptions, being the halogenated hydrocarbons tubes, the sulfuryl fluoride tubes, and the air current tubes.

Q: Can you detect Benzene specifically with Draeger tubes in the presence of other hydrocarbons such as toluene or xylene?
A: Yes we can. The Benzene 0.5/C tubes, part number 8101841, can do this. They utilize a scrubbing tube, which removes all interfering gases, and leaves strictly benzene. There are 5 tests in this box of tubes, utilizing the double tube system, with 5 scrubbing pre-tubes and 5 indicating tubes.

Q: Can the measuring ranges and pump strokes be expanded on Draeger Tubes?
A: The answer is yes and no. If the tube scale is linear then the number of pump strokes may be added or subtracted, to expand the measuring range of the tube.

Q: Can detector tubes be shipped via air?
A: Yes, most can be shipped. There are two exceptions. The Halogenated Hydrocarbons tubes and the Sulfuryl Fluoride tubes cannot be shipped by air. They must be shipped by motor freight only due to being classified as hazardous goods.